There is a divine relationship between a mother and a child and while there are many children who are fortunate enough to have this, there are many who are bereft of the same. Such children are not accepted into the mainstream society and spend their life living as an outcast. Poojya Didi Sadhvi has made it her life’s mission to serve the cause of children by providing them what they are deprived of – the love of a family, a happy childhood and a promising future. To her, serving children is worshipping the God Himself as children are His nearest expression. Only when the country’s children are healthy and happy, can the country’s future be secure, and that is the ultimate mission of this endeavor.

  • कन्याभ्रूणहत्य ा
  • दहेजप्रथा
  • अशिक्षा
  • कुसंस्कार

आदि कई कुविचारों को जड़से मिटाने की मुहिम है श्रीशक्तिपीठ।