Shri shakti peeth is a non government organization. Shrishaktipeeth is an avantgarde alternative to women's shelters and orphanages simply because this is the only facility in the world where underprivileged children and women of every age live together as families and form enduring relationships as parents and siblings – thus eliminating the very need for orphanages and homes for women. Each Shrishaktipeeth family comprises seven children, a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother living in the security of their own home. The womenfolk are conscientiously trained for their most important role, of parenting upto seven children per home. This unique arrangement gives children and women a sense of community, thus encouraging an emotional connection of love and trust without any distinction of caste, creed or race. In addition, every Vatsalya child is provided with quality education equipping them with life skills for a fuller and better life. This in turn gives them a purpose for living – to celebrate life in all its beautiful hues!

About Us

There is a divine relationship between a mother and a child and while there are many children who are fortunate enough to have this, there are many who are bereft of the same. Such children are not accepted into the mainstream society and spend their life living as an outcast. Poojya Didi Sadhvi has made it her life's mission to serve the cause of children by providing them what they are deprived of – the love of a family, a happy childhood and a promising future. To her, serving children is worshipping the God Himself as children are His nearest expression. Only when the country's children are healthy and happy, can the country's future be secure, and that is the ultimate mission of this endeavor.

Our Vision

The overstuffed orphanages in Rajasthan are not the right kind of environment to bring up a happy and healthy child and it was this that gave Pujya Didi Sadhvi the idea to create a place where children can have a normal and happy life. Didi envisions a Rajasthan where each child has a happy childhood and is given all the resources which are necessary for their growth and development – not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually. Vatsalya Shadhna is a product of the vision of Didi and offers a home to the orphaned and the destitute.

Account Detail

Bank Name :OBC Bank
Account . Name :Shri Shakti Peeth
Account Number :10251131000699
IFCS Code :ORBC0101025

Our NGO is approved by 12a and 80G